'the og'

“Revolutionising inner-city travel by providing sustainable and cost effective options has always been our mission and it always will be”


delivered, registered and ready to ride

If you already have your license when you buy an EMD Scooter, we will deliver it registered and ready to ride. From the moment you receive it, scoot away!​

Reduce your carbon footprint

Our Scooters are 100% electric and produce no emissions. Thank you for helping make a positive difference to our environment.

removable battery
(100km range)

The 9kg lithium-Ion battery is 100% easily removable. Which means you can park anywhere and get a charge from any wall outlet. Upstairs at home, maybe at work?

led lights and display
(safety first)

All lights plus the display are LED powered. This means you are very easy to see, day and night!

Leave your details!

Our amazing product is undergoing Australian certification. As of April 2019 we are extremely close to seeing them reach the road. Units have already sold! Please leave your details if you’d like more information or to preorder your very own OG! Don’t worry, we also hate spam.